Life After F*ing 50 (L*50 for short) is a website for you – the woman who needs reading glasses to see this blog, who avoids the magnifying mirror, who occasionally looks at a sudden change in her body and says, “What the heck is that?!?” and who just wants to learn how to navigate the waters that are “Over 49.” More importantly, it’s a place to wave our freedom flags and say, “Hey, I’m proud of my age, darn it! I have EARNED this moment! I’m not hiding behind Botox and fillers and a wall of shame – 50 is HAPPENING and it’s happening NOW!”

There are so many women doing so many wonderful things later in life. We want to showcase these people – people just like YOU – who continue to thrive well into their 80s and 90s! Women who reinvent themselves after 60 and go on to do amazing things. We hope you’ll join us in this quest to make the 50s and beyond the hippest and best times of our lives!

If you’d like to contribute a blog post, video or post idea, please email lifeafterfing50@gmail.com. We welcome your contributions!