And They Called It Puppy Love

How can you not love Donny Osmond? If you weren’t a fan as a kid, follow him on Facebook and Twitter – you’ll be an instafan now. He’s still so darned cute, he adores his wife, and he’s a great dad to his many kids. It’s nice to see a child star grow up to be an incredible, trouble-free adult.

And he’s cute. Did we mention he’s cute?

He posted this story today and it made us laugh and sealed the deal. I mean, seriously…

I went to an antique shop in Santa Barbara on State street called Antique Alley. My son found an old Osmond Phase III album in there. I went up to Alan the cashier and asked how much this Osmond album was going for. He recognized me and asked me to sign it. I did, then once again I asked how much was it going for. He said that now that is signed, it’s doubled in price. It’s now going for $14. Debbie, The kids and I had a great laugh about that one. So did Alan.

Contributed By: Lisa Goich